Monday, 2 February 2009

Photography jiggery pokery

Inspired by my recent win with the TNT I decided to challenge myself a little. On one of the photography forums I regularly visit run a little monthly photo comp with the aim of pushing you to develop your skills. The month just gone theme was "Only the Camera Can Capture". As always these are open to interpretation and so I decided to take a different lean that everyone else was. The general idea was that it would be things like macro shots or long exposures. My take was a little more elaborate.

I had recently seen the website of a guy who had a thing for chucking things in the air and then taking photos of them. The end result was, in my opinion, quite clever.

I decided to take it a step further and came up with a concept inspired by the laptop shot above. I was going for something a little more complex and also a totally different take on the 'Camera can Capture' theme.

So at around 9:30am on a Saturday I and my lovely assistant Kim headed down to Russel Square with two laptops kindly lent to me by work (they were getting thrown out anyway) and a couple of wooden spoons. The idea was to make an image that was purposefully incongruous and a bit fun. Rather than try to explain the image I will just show you the end result and then some shots of the process involved.

Laptops Among the Pigeons

The Process - Take one laptop - remove hard drive bay - insert wooden spoon and hand over to beautiful assistant. Once the individual photos were taken we went home and then there was a fairly lengthy editing and compositing process where I combined 20-25 photos of the laptops and using a blank photo of the background painted Kim out. End result - Flying laptops!

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