Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The Golden Hour

Following on with the photography theme I've come up with my initial entry to the OcUK photography competition. It is not strictly adhering to the theme at least according to the Wikipedia definition however it will have to do until there is some decent weather. The Golden Hour is the hour in both the morning and the evening when he sun creates a golden hue and the shadows are long and interesting.

This was my first attempt at the theme and unfortunately I missed the best of the light but I think the end result is acceptable. It was done with some dark filters on the lens so that I could extend the exposure out to around 20 seconds. It is the long exposure that makes the Thames look so smooth and also creates the light trails from the boat movement.

I have some other ideas for the Theme but it is entirely dependant on there being some decent weather between here and then end of the month. Having lived here for 4 years I often struggle to find London terribly photogenic without making a really stereotypical image.

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