Thursday, 20 September 2012

iPhone 5

The first thing to knock off is going to have to be the iPhone 5.  Having just been released I'd have to join the general observation in that it's a resounding bundle of 'Blah'.  Slightly bigger screen, slightly higher resolution, another row of icons, thinner chassis and an aluminium back. Also a processor that is apparently twice as fast as the 4S.

No real redesign as far as looks goes, and a different dock socket (they will be releasing an adaptor for the old socket...). Looks like Apple have 

again failed on the innovation front. They simply can't keep rehashing the same thing over and over and expect to stay competitive in the mobile market. Although there will be a big number of these things getting shifted on release (September 21st) I can see a large number of Apple fans looking to move on to greener and more innovative pastures. With the likes of HTC, Motorola, Nokia and Samsung putting out new and exciting devices and daring to be a bit different, Apple is looking more and more like a one trick pony. Albeit a one trick pony with excellent aesthetic designers and a great (and wealthy) legal department.

Simply put, Apple have not delivered anything in the iPhone 5 that resets the industry expectations, that raises the bar for what a mobile device should look like or how it should perform both in speed and functionality. You have a slightly larger 4Gs... and that's it.

Interestingly they also announced a new iPod touch with which they seem to be attempting to move on the OS based camera device (like the Samsung one I mentioned earlier) but still using the very small lens and mobile form factor. It's a nice to have device but you know I still prefer my Classic iPod with a click wheel... why? Because I can keep my entire music collection on it without having to pair it down to 64GB, it has better battery life and I can use it without needing iTunes.

Need a reason to not buy the iPhone 5?

With the new dock connector Apple have done away with both the video out, analogue audio out and iPod out which means that even with the adapter they won't work with your current i-implementations or devices. So with the adapter your nice Bose speakers won't work, your car connector won't work and your radio connector won't work. Pretty much the only t

hing that will work is the charging.

To add insult to injury, not only will you have to buy all new accessories, but you don't get USB3 with it so you're still stuck with slow transfer speeds. From an environmental perspective Apple have done a great disservice also in that they're wilfully adding to landfill by making you throw away all your old chargers and dock speakers. They are effectively forcing their customers into purchasing an entirely new set of devices because the adaptor is functionally useless for anything other than charging - functionally useless at $39 - thank you Apple.

Why they couldn't just make it micro USB like all other mobile phone makers is clear - Apple consumers are seen as wallets with legs and are treated as such. Personally I wouldn't buy the iPhone 5 on principal alone. Not only are Apple anticompetitive and anti consumer but they are also ecologically irresponsible.

 Interesting, it looks like Apple have been quick to respond to the adaptor issue and will be distributing the iP5 with a free adaptor. The adaptor will also apparently contain a chip that will convert digital audio to analog for the old 30 pin devices to work with. I guess I will have to retract my mini rant... partially... video is still out of the equation and any extended functionality means extra adaptors. I guess in a round about way they deserve a little kudos...

Second EDIT:Uh no... I was too quick to praise Apple. They've now said that it was a mistake on their shop site... free stuff from Apple. Don't be silly!

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