Monday, 3 November 2008


The very well respected HD video camera maker RED (Used by Peter Jackson among others) have been dropping many not so subtle hints that they may be joining the DSLR market but with every intention of using their experience in the motion picture hardware industry and speculation suggests that it will be a DSMC (Digital Still & Motion Camera). The real interest comes when the RED CEO suggests that "the most aggressive speculation will not come close to what we will announce Nov. 13th.".

Sounds interesting however it's a huge ask to get people to shift over from their current preference (Nikon, Canon etc.) because of the large investment that goes into lenses. Now if the mount used on this hypothetical camera is changeable so that either Canon or Nikon glass can be used it could well be an interesting prospect. The likelihood of this is not very high as the president has been set by the likes of Sony and Pentax in supplying their own glass and RED already make their own HD movie camera lenses. As their HD movie cameras go for around £6000 I can't see this coming in at an affordable level but we can all look and ooh and ahh at it for free.

As and aside more competition in the DSLR market is always a good thing however what we really need is more in the mid range prosumer market to drive the body prices down a bit.

A bit of a teaser from Engadget - it's a bit ambiguous and not a photo but a Photoshop.

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