Tuesday, 4 November 2008

US Election - Game on...

So it's Game On for the US Presidential Election today and I'd have to say the initial polls are looking pretty good. Across all the polls there has been a fairly predictable trend of sitting on the fence (March - September) but now when it really count it looks like the country is beginning to make it's choice and it seems to be swinging in the Democrats favor.

I have several reasons for hoping for a Barack Obama win not the least of them being that I think it will make the US more 'approachable' as a country. The perception that I have always got from talking to people about America has been that it's a redneck lead country that has little international awareness and little relevance to international issues. I think this perception has been bred by seeing Bush charge into conflicts in Iraq and his constant greater than thou international policy.

Whether there is any reality in the change promised by Barack Obama leaves to be seen but the first and greatest part of the battle is to change perception. A positive swing in the worlds perception of what is going on in America can only be a good thing not only for how people view America and Americans but also in their outlook for the near futures world economy. I would not be at all surprised to see a pretty substantial positive boost to the stock markets world wide if/when Barack Obama becomes president.

Disclaimer: I know sod all about politics or world economies apart from what I read in the papers and see in the news. As the title of the blog suggests this is my personal opinion.

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