Wednesday, 1 October 2008

China in Space


China has launched a manned spacecraft, had him complete a 15 minute space walk and returned the three astronauts to Earth safely. Ultimately they will be creating their own space station and using that as a base to get first to the Moon and then to Mars.

I think this is an awesome thing to have done and it's great to see that there is still some countries out there who are pushing the limits. My only hope is that this motivates other countries into a space race again. A huge number of technologies that we take for granted now are either directly related to or resulting from technology developed by NASA for use in space and on the Moon.

Here is a list of many of these items including most cordless equipment like drills, toothpaste, smoke detectors and various medical scanners.


  1. Hi Steve enjoy Egypt: the Tombs in the Valley of the Kings are amazing. Drifted here from the Frontier forum: good luck with the blog.
    To leave the inevitable "meant to be amusing?" comment, the Chinese astronaut appears to have a small green alien inside: that's how they did it!
    Peter aka DrBaggy

  2. Heh :D You know there is a slight resemblence there!

    Cheers for dropping by Peter.