Thursday, 2 October 2008


Some of my photography again. These are some of my favorites from my Flickr site not including the ones I've already posted. I'd like to think that my yield for great photos vs the ones I discard as 'snaps' is going up but I think perhaps that my personal standards for my shots have gone up which means that the good photos are getting better but I'm still discarding so many. This is a good thing but it still means that I am shooting several hundred photos and only posting around 4-6 as ones I really like. You're always your own worst critic.

Kim in Lake Taupo - Taupo, New Zealand

China Town - Bangkok, Thailand

Heythrop Park early morning - Oxfordshire, UK

Mt Ruapehu shrouded in cloud, Desert Road, New Zealand

Running fireworks festival - Javea/Xabia, Spain

Empire State Building at night - Manhattan, New York

Dead Fly - My windowsill, London, UK

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