Monday, 13 October 2008

Egypt and Back!

The Great PyramidsI'm back and Egypt has turned out to be everything that I hoped for and more. It is one of those places that as a child I always wished to visit and had an avid interest in. It has also left me with me with some sadness as it is the shadows of the grandeur from a past age that we all go to see.

Great Pyramid of Khufu

It does not take much to see how mindbogglingly epic Ancient Egypt was and even just as a shadow it's still incomparable with anything I have ever seen before.

I will give a more complete rundown on our trip and what we saw and did later on. I ended up taking around 1200 photos over the 10 days we were there however if my usual trend with travel photography holds true only about 20-30 of those will be to my liking. I will post them as I go along.

Saqqara - obliging guard with camel
We traveled from Cairo to Aswan, from Aswan to Edfu then to Luxor. We met many wonderful people and were looked after extraordinarily well. It was a brilliant trip and hopefully my photos will convey as much.

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