Thursday, 2 October 2008

Lamborghini Hybrid?

Being something of a car fan, especially those that I will never have the money to get my hands on, I fairly religiously watch shows like 5th Gear and Top Gear. Stemming from that I love all things ridiculously looking and ridiculously fast like the Pagani Zonda, the Koenigsegg CCXR and my personal favorite, the Lamborghini Murcielago. There is just something about the look and the noise that comes from a Lambo. Browsing through some car related sites I have come across this, and I'm not sure whether I like it or not, and I'm currently leaning toward not. It isn't because of the way it looks, but more that turning a Lambo into a 4 seater GT tourer hybrid is not what you expect from the insanity of Lamborghini.

There is to be several options for this car as far as engines go, one of them being the 520BHP engine from the Murcielago. There is an alternative - a TDI (Turbo Diesel) V8 electric hybrid. It just doesn't seem right. Now an all electric monstor with the acceleration and handling of the Wrightspeed X1 and I'd be all over it like a cheap... well you know...

There is precident for diesel sports with the V12 TDi R8 shown by AUDI at the Detroit motor show - another car that I really do like the look of. There is also a precident for 4 door sports cars with the Aston Rapide and the Porche Panamera neither of which, I'm forced to admit, are entirely ugly cars. Still, Lamborghini was the last I would've penned in for a 4 door supercar sedan. It must be said though that it's a step in the right direction for a gas guzzling genre of motoring. Still a hybrid Lambo...

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